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Laparascopic conversion

Tuesday 27th November 12:00 Was admitted to hospital around midday. The last couple of days have been somewhat eventful : Sunday our 3yr old was sick several times and again Monday morning,then Monday night my wife had the same so … Continue reading

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ECG, FBC, cross-matching and questions questions questions

Was asked to come into hospital today for a “pre-assessment” – basically a lot of questions to assess my risk level for the operation. Had to give yet more blood (don’t they know I’m anaemic?!) so they had a sample … Continue reading

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The results show

Saw Mr Arbuckle (call me James) this evening. Very very nice chap. He’s analysed my CT scan and is ready to explain the results. The last few days my headache has returned – I now think I only thought it … Continue reading

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I missed off some detail in my previous post – Dr Leahy has said that the cancer is small, most likely operable by key-hole surgery and I shouldn’t have any long term colostomy, so that’s a positive thing.  The growth … Continue reading

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So what’s been happening?

Sometime back in September (I think – maybe earlier) I got a headache. Nothing major, although slightly unusual for me as I don’t usually get headaches without reason – really the only headaches I ever get are due to a … Continue reading

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